How to find an interactive partner for Digital Media Components

This is a common question from television producers many trying to generate Digital Media Components for television projects going through the Canada Media Fund (and for film producers those creating digital marketing concepts for Telefilm Canada funding). Here are a few tips: 1)      Start early!!! The time to find an interactive partner is not 3 […]

Managing your brand while managing other’s brands has been pretty quiet for the month of January.  Not out of intentional neglect, but out of social media overload. If you are reading this blog post, you likely found it via social media, either one of my many profiles (twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, facebook), or from someone else sharing it via their social media […]

The unsexy side of interactive digital media

With the semester gearing up for another round of teaching, now is probably not the time to get all negative about the state of the interactive digital media industry, but it seems I can’t help it.  I came to a realization over the holidays.  My work isn’t sexy. Yes, it sounds sexy when I really […]

Phrases to lock away in the 2011 vault

It’s that time of year again. The lists!  I was trying hard to not do a list. In 2011, there has been a specific rhetoric circulating around the world of convergent production (in Canada, defined as television programs that require a digital media component to access government funding for the television program) that makes me […]

About Digital Media Funding Proposals

There is a lot that game design, interactive digital media, film/television, digital arts, etc programs teach you in preparation for a career in the digital media content production sector.  But the one thing they don’t often teach (or really gloss over) – how do you raise cash to actually make this stuff? As these programs […]

docSHIFT Summit 2011 recap

Article is a cross-post with Village Gamer, a news source for Canadian interactive digital media content. This past weekend the Documentary Organization of Canada – Toronto Chapter held docSHIFT Summit 2011, a conference with the purpose of educating and supporting documentary filmmakers who are looking to leverage their storytelling abilities and position themselves as the […]

2011 Ontario Election Overview for Interactive Digital Media Professionals

There is a provincial election in Ontario on October 6th.  As with any election, we are responsible for collectively deciding which party and therefore, which leader, we want managing the provincial affairs for the next 4 years. Who to vote for is a personal choice. Some individuals are card-carrying party members. For them, that decision […]

Digital Media Budgeting for accessing project-based funding in Canada: Part 6

Part Six of this Eight Part series on the Canadian IDM budget template is a category-by-category review of the “Budget Detail” Tab. Previous Post: Part 5 – overview of the “Budget Detail” Tab 01 – Producer Fees This entire category is capped by all Funds as 10% of B+C.  In simple reference terms, 10% of […]

Digital Media Budgeting for accessing project-based funding in Canada: Part 5

Part Five of this Eight Part series on the Canadian IDM budget template overviews the “Budget Detail” Tab. Previous Post: Part 4 – Cost Allocation column(s) of the “Budget Summary and “Budget Detail” Tabs. While it may be overwhelming to see all of these line items, the key to completing this template properly is to […]