Work in ICT/interactive media? These are your issues. #elxn42

With only a few weeks to go in the Canadian federal election campaign, not all Canadians are decided on who they want to govern the country. In many cases, Canadians are trying to decide if they even should vote. We get so lost in the contemplation of our needs as Canadian citizens that we get […]

Stop Protecting. Start innovating. : Digital Metrics and the TV Industry

It’s an interesting time in digital content distribution. While music and game folks have found ways to roll with the transition away from stamped media to their work reduced to transmission via 1’s and 0’s on a nebulous network, those in the video business are still a little bit in denial.  Industry events for the […]

A #voteON rant for the 2014 General Election in Ontario

The frustrating part of having a minority government in Canada? That a country known for being accepting and accommodating can be guaranteed a year, maybe two, of posturing by politicians, eventually triggering another election. The latest round is the Ontario general election for the Members of Provincial Parliament. The irony is all the language around […]

2011 Ontario Election Overview for Interactive Digital Media Professionals

There is a provincial election in Ontario on October 6th.  As with any election, we are responsible for collectively deciding which party and therefore, which leader, we want managing the provincial affairs for the next 4 years. Who to vote for is a personal choice. Some individuals are card-carrying party members. For them, that decision […]