Sasha Boersma - conference photo

Sasha Boersma is a business-focused but content-supportive professional who believes growth in the Canadian digital media industry will occur through the innovation and monetization of compelling projects that resonate with their intended audiences

Sasha is Partner/Executive Producer at Sticky Brain Studios, an interactive digital media team focused on creating and delivering meaningful user experiences.

In addition to her work at Sticky Brain, Sasha is a Program Coordinator for Centennial College’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) (soon to be renamed Interactive Media Management, or IMM) post-graduate program and a Professor on business and marketing of integrated media for both IDM and Children’s Entertainment post-graduate programs.

Previously, Sasha worked on a number of projects in the digital media industries as a freelance Business Analyst / Producer. Her work includes business advising for Blot Interactive’s Chat Fu and Pop Sandbox’s Pipe Trouble, Consulting Producer of the companion game for Transporter, The Series for QVF Films and HBO Canada. She is also the Producer of companion e-books for Breakthrough Entertainment’s new pre-school series The Adventures of Napkin Man for CBC.

She worked on a number of award-winning and internationally-distributed interactive projects at marblemedia including both of the company’s Gemini wins in interactive categories. Before working product side, Sasha was the Program Manager for the Bell Fund and Independent Production Fund.

Sasha is active with industry training initiatives, having been on a number of programming committees for Interactive Ontario, and spoken to a variety of audiences including the Canadian Chapter of the International Institute of Communications, Documentary Organization of Canada – Toronto Chapter, Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA), International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) – Toronto Chapter, and the Law Society of Upper Canada.

BewareoftheLeopard.ca is the home of Sasha’s musings, insights, and shared resources on the business of digital media.

photo by Jackie Brown – http://www.videocake.tv


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