New Playgrounds

People strike out on their own, resigning from a stable, full-time job to go freelance or “indie” for many reasons ranging from negative reasons to positive reasons.

Making the decision to take that plunge was the most difficult thing I have done in my career to date. I was a senior business manager / producer, a part of an award-winning team, creating interactive content that the world is buying. What more could I ask for? But I saw an open playground where there is yet more opportunity for “anything can happen”.

The struggle between “how can I leave behind this awesome team of talented, brilliant, and inspiring people” and “wow, the world looks like a brand new sandbox” is one of the most emotionally exhausting processes I think I could have gone through.

The decision became less scary when I realized how much support and appreciation I had from these same amazing people – encouraging and inspiring me further.

To plunge became more bearable as I explored this new playground, reconnecting with past collaborators, and finally mustering up the courage to talk to the other ‘kids’ new to the park.

The fear is dissolving further as I start wandering from playground to playground in new neighbourhoods and discovering there are a lot of jungle gyms to start new adventures on.

On the days where I second-guess myself and feel as though I have made the worst decision ever, I consider the words of Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

So, continue I shall. And through these explorations, I hope I can contribute positively to all the new places we have yet to play.

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